Get to the code


Modify your site directly from Primo, one component at a time. Components are built with Svelte so they look like standard HTML, CSS, and JS - but have a lot more power for interactivity.

Edit easily

Content Management

Edit content directly on the page or set up customized fields to make content editing a breeze.

Screenshot of content management in primo
Own your site

Integrated Hosting

Publish your fast, mobile-optimized site directly to Netlify & Vercel or download it to host elsewhere.

Publish better sites

Static Sites

Primo publishes a static site bundle (as in, no JS) that loads super quickly. Even your components that do use JS get built statically and hydrated individually - meaning fast load times & instant reactivity.

Hit the ground running

Component Library

Use Primo's ready-to-use, fully customizable and editable components or build your own.

Publish globally


Easily manage multiple translations of your sites. Primo builds a static site for each translation (at /es, /ar, etc.) so they can all be found by search engines.


Primo Server

Host your own Primo Server to manage your sites from anywhere, upload images, and invite collaborators.