Primo is free & open-source


We made Primo free so as many people as possible can access the tool without limit or restraint, and we made it open-source so that everyone who uses it can rest assured that it will never go away or be restricted. We believe that being open-source is an ideal, and often necessary characteristic of software that people and businesses depend on.


We're committed to monetizing Primo in a way that doesn't restrict access to the tool itself, which is why our monetization strategy is to sell specialized component packs and templates, and shortly after facilitate a two-sided marketplace for Primo users to share and buy from each other. Additionally, we plan on offering a hosted version of Primo Server for a low monthly cost, as well as enterprise support for agencies.


Since the beginning, our mission has been to empower people around the world to leverage the web as the approachable, powerful, collaborative platform that it was always meant to be. We're grateful for the incredible open-source technologies that Primo is built on and the tireless efforts of their creators and contributors, and hope to live up to those efforts by continuing to lower the barrier to entry and increase the capabilities of people using and creating for the web.

Contributions & Sponsorship

If you'd like to contribute code, please create an issue or discussion in the Primo Github repository first to ensure your edits can be merged. That way we can ensure that the application doesn't get bloated and continues to satisfy the requirement of remaining approachable without sacrificing productivity. If you'd like to sponsor Primo, you can do so on Open Collective.

Underlying Open-Source Technologies