Why Primo

Today, there are a million tools for building and managing websites - monolithic and headless CMSs for content, JavaScript and PHP frameworks for development, page builders for building pages without code - but no solution that integrates the best parts of all of them into a single application (or “happy path”).

This results in a landscape that can be daunting for newcomers and seasoned web professionals alike. You can set up a CMS - but then how do you modify your site’s code? You can get a framework up and running - but how do you get your content into it? It’s a landscape that can be navigated well enough by those with the resources to do it, but not so much by the rest of us - and particularly by those of us building normal sites like landing pages, blogs, and portfolios.

Primo is a new kind of CMS that provides a unified platform for companies and developers to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build modern, secure, and accessible websites. Primo bridges the gap between developers and non-developers by providing an all-in-one which enables both sides of the site building process (content management and development), and combines them to output static sites that can be hosted anywhere.

Editing Content

Content editing is often a process that can feel removed from the final result of the website, requiring content editors to spend hours or days training before they can edit website content & stifling them from building websites themselves. Even “WYSIWYG” interfaces can be difficult to use, often forcing sites to use simple components which don’t have nested content.

Editing editorial content

Primo’s editor makes it easy to edit content directly on the page as if editing a document, allowing content editors to edit, review, and publish changes in seconds.

Editing component content

Components are edited from clearly defined fields in a simple interface & the changes can be instantly previewed at all screen sizes.

Page building

Content editors can easily build out entire websites and pages using an existing set of components, incorporating components from other sites or those build into Primo. Components adapt to the design of whichever site they’re placed into.


Normally, modifying your site’s code is a tedious process that involves setting up a local development environment, wrestling with build tools, and more. Additionally, additional frameworks have a steep learning curve and bring their own set of concerns.

Get to the code

Primo makes development incredibly simple by embedding a code editor directly into the CMS itself. That means there’s no local setup or build tool configuration, and any code changes can always be made instantly. Combined with the being able to modify your site one component at a time, Primo makes it significantly easier to modify and customize your site.

Not just HTML, CSS, and JS

Primo components are written with Svelte - a compiled language that builds on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while enabling incredible features for templating, interactivity, and more.


Static websites

Static sites are fast-loading, secure, search-optimized, and scalable.

Use your own host

Primo outputs your final site as a static set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that can be hosted anywhere, giving you complete control of your hosting costs and performance.


Primo makes it easy to create modern, secure, and accessible websites. Developers can take full control of the final product, and content editors can use a simple interface to quickly build out a website. Plus, you can export your site as a static site and host it anywhere you want.

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