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Publish faster without hitting the limits of no-code. Build and edit fully customizable landing pages, portfolios, and more with the power of Svelte.

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"As a developer, this is everything I wish Squarespace was"

John Williams, Senior Developer

powerfully build, edit, and publish better websites

Get up and running quickly without sacrificing the power of code

  • Components

    Primo comes with beautiful, ready-to-use, modifiable components that make it easy to get started quickly.

  • Development

    Develop your site directly in Primo, one component at a time using Svelte (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JS).

  • Content Management

    Edit content directly on the page or from isolated fields and easily manage translations.

  • Hosting Integrations

    Publish your fast, mobile-optimized site directly to Netlify & Vercel or download it to host elsewhere.

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