Build, edit, and publish static sites with ease

Primo is a modern WordPress alternative that makes it easy build fully-customizable websites.

Start with a template, get to the code, and edit content like a dream.

Building websites just got a lot more fun

From setup to publish, Primo's got you covered.

Zero setup or maintenance

Start new sites in seconds. Manage hundreds of sites from the same place. Publish static sites directly to your favorite web host without worrying about downtime.

Visual content editing

Edit structured content from components' isolated fields and edit editorial content right on the page. Assemble new sites and pages with the ease of a visual content editor.

Instant development

Access your site's code with the flick of a switch. Modify your components from Primo's feature-rich embedded code editor. See a live, mobile-first preview and build reactive components with the power of Svelte.

Component Libraries

Primo comes with components that can be used interchangeably on any of your sites & instantly adapt to their designs.

Speedy, secure, scalable sites

Every time you publish updates, Primo uploads your site as static HTML and CSS files - making it secure, fast-loading, and searchable.

Collaborate and more

Primo Server

Host your own Primo Server to manage your sites from anywhere, upload and host images, and invite developer and content-editor collaborators.

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