Build visually-editable static sites with ease

Primo is a component-based CMS that makes it easy to develop and edit custom websites. Start with pre-built components, develop quickly, and edit content like a dream.

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  • "Primo allows us to deliver custom JAMstack projects and let content managers edit and publish content as they please through a brilliant WYSIWYG interface."

    John Rallis CTO at Direct Group Holdings
  • "Primo is a futuristic CMS with its all-in-one approach, simplicity, and power. It's so easy to learn and use that it has become my favorite tool for building websites quickly and easily."

    Abdullah Sadaqa Lead Dev at Wemaad
  • "I love how Primo lets me build and deploy any static site I just want to get out the door. I love how each component I build is easily previewed on the side as I code, and hoving over HTML highlights exactly where I'm at in the preview! I see amazing potential! Can't wait to build more!"

    Alex Beaman React Developer at Expensify
  • "I love Primo because it makes so much easier to publish sites, especially with Svelte! And it uses so few resources by including an IDE!"

    Abdelfatah Ahmed Frontend Developer at StARS
Build, Edit, Publish

Everything you need to build sites, edit content, and publish to the web.

  • Zero Setup/Maintenance

    Start new sites in seconds. Manage hundreds of sites from the same place. Publish static sites directly to your favorite web host without worrying if it'll still be up in a year.

  • Visual Content Editing

    Edit structured content from isolated fields and edit editorial content right on the page. Manage multiple languages and assemble new sites and pages with the no-code ease of a visual editor.

  • Powerful Development

    Modify your components with the flick of a switch from Primo's feature-rich embedded code editor. See a live, mobile-first preview, import JS libraries, and integrate fields in literal seconds.

  • Powered by Svelte

    Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build interactive components and app-like functionality with Svelte - the world's most powerful UI language.

  • Component Libraries

    Access a growing library of pre-built components made with clean code that adapt to your site's design using CSS variables.

  • Static Sites

    Every time you publish updates, Primo uploads your site as static HTML and CSS files. That means security, speed, SEO, and peace of mind.

Collaborate and more

Primo Server

Host your own Primo Server to manage your sites from anywhere, upload and host images, and invite developer and content-editor collaborators.

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