Who we are

Primo Creative was founded by Mateo & Courtney, a husband/wife, dev/design team. They have a passion for helping people around the world contribute to and benefit from the open web.

Our story 

In 2018, while living in Cairo, Egypt for Courtney's graduate program in Refugee and Migration Studies,Mateo was working remotely as a frontend developer atNewCity. Mateo, being a frontend developer, and Courtney, working closely with refugees and displaced migrants in the region, saw an opportunity in web development: a career skill which could be done from anywhere, learned more affordably compared to traditional higher education, and which is continually in high demand across the globe.

In time, they partnered with a leading refugee services center in Cairo to launch a free web development bootcamp for refugee and migrant young adults. Starting with as many students as could fit in a room, they taught the fundamentals of programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But despite the promising opportunities in web development, they realized that the chasm between learning to code and actually publishing professional websites was too large for those with limited resources.

Frustrated with the limitations and complexity of existing tools, Mateo built Primo. Once he saw how the students were able to use Primo to develop, manage, and publish fast loading, custom-built, editable websites for local businesses with only basic HTML and CSS, he knew the tool could empower individuals across the globe to do the same. Seeing the power of Primo on a small scale inspired the couple to invest everything they have into making Primo a professional and approachable tool, and with the help of friends and family they're on track to making Primo sustainable by the end of 2022.

Our Mission

To provide a free, fun, powerful, and approachable tool for individuals, particularly the under-resourced, to build and benefit from a better web.

If you'd like to sponsor Primo, you can do so on Open Collective.